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43,49 EUR*
Details Audio Production Worktext: Concepts, Techniques, and Equipment

Seiten: 278, Ausgabe: 8 Rev ed., Taschenbuch, Taylor & Francis Ltd

42,89 EUR*
Details Audio Post Production for Television and Film: An introduction to technology and techniques

Previously titled Audio Post-production in Video and Film, this third edition has been completely revised and restructured to provide a step-by-step guide to the professional techniques used to shape a soundtrack through the production process....

31,94 EUR*
Details Logic Pro 8: Audio and Music Production

SynopsisEnables you to get the most out of Logic when creating music. This title provides a foundation of the software's philosophy as well as covers the features in detail. It includes a mix of main text, box outs, instructional 'walkthroughs' and...

13,49 EUR*
Details K. P. Production

Ausgabedatum: 2003-10-06, Audio CD, Kp Production (Nova MD)

15,41 EUR*
Details Lonesome Echo Production

Ausgabedatum: 2005-04-01, Audio CD, Disorient

20,60 EUR*
Details Unreleased Production 1994

Ausgabedatum: 2010-02-05, Audio CD, D.I.T.C. Records (Groove Attack)

15,99 EUR*
Details John Cale-Conflict & Catalysis-Productions & a

Ausgabedatum: 2012-03-09, Audio CD, Ace Records (Soulfood)

18,99 EUR*
Details Dillanthology 1: Dilla's Productions For Various Artists

Ausgabedatum: 2009-03-23, Audio CD, Rapster (Indigo)

19,76 EUR*
Details Power Propaganda Production

Ausgabedatum: 2011-07-11, Audio CD, Neuropa

17,99 EUR*
Details The Best of Cerrone Productions

Ausgabedatum: 2015-01-16, Audio CD, Because (Warner)

4,05 EUR*
Details Moby Dick (Org. London Production)

Ausgabedatum: 2003-07-28, Audio CD, Colosseum Schallplatten (rough trade)

8,99 EUR*
Details 10 Years of Progress Productions (2004-2014)

Ausgabedatum: 2014-11-21, Audio CD, Progress (Broken Silence)

19,53 EUR*
Details Mass Production

Ausgabedatum: 2014-04-21, Audio CD, CD Baby

9,16 EUR*
Details Tph Productions Performs Blond

Ausgabedatum: 2009-04-16, Audio CD, Import

15,74 EUR*
Details Grandstand: Production Musik of the 1940s

Ausgabedatum: 2014-10-29, Audio CD, Guild (Klassik Center Kassel)

20,58 EUR*
Details La'S Silver Soul:Lee Silver'S Symphonic Production

Ausgabedatum: 2003-03-31, Audio CD, Kent (H'ART)

22,77 EUR*
Details Jge Productions Present the Bl

Ausgabedatum: 2011-04-26, Audio CD, CD Baby.Com/Indys

15,94 EUR*
Details Tapper Zukie Productions-Rootsman Connection

Ausgabedatum: 2008-02-04, Audio CD, Kingston Sounds (Indigo)

20,28 EUR*
Details Best of Hayat Production 2013

Ausgabedatum: 2013-01-01, Audio CD, CD Baby.Com/Indys

19,56 EUR*
Details Motorway: Production Music of the 1960s

Ausgabedatum: 2015-04-08, Audio CD, Guild (Klassik Center Kassel)

174,86 EUR*
Details Tsuburaya Production Early Day

Ausgabedatum: 2002-09-27, Audio CD, Mis

18,81 EUR*
Details Modes of Production

Ausgabedatum: 2007-10-09, Audio CD, CD Baby.Com/Indys

45,77 EUR*
Details Production

Ausgabedatum: 2003-12-02, Audio CD, Sony

19,96 EUR*
Details Full Up-Early Reggae Productions 1968-72

Ausgabedatum: 2014-10-31, Audio CD, 99999 (Groove Attack)

16,91 EUR*
Details Weapons of Mass Production [Wm

Ausgabedatum: 2009-05-19, Audio CD, CD Baby.Com/Indys

25,49 EUR*
Details Productions

Ausgabedatum: 2003-07-28, Audio CD, Soul Jazz (Mag. Konstantin Drobil)

16,28 EUR*
Details Musical Productions All Stars

Ausgabedatum: 2008-02-22, Audio CD, J & N Records (DA Music)

20,99 EUR*
Details Clay Productions-Maxi Vol. 1

Ausgabedatum: 2016-02-23, Audio CD, Retro Media (Nova MD)

17,99 EUR*
Details Jack Ashford-Just Productions

Ausgabedatum: 2016-04-15, Audio CD, Ace Records (Soulfood)

17,97 EUR*
Details Vol.1-Asaf Productions

Ausgabedatum: 2008-05-06, Audio CD, CD Baby.Com/Indys

18,19 EUR*
Details Vol.1-Blazing Flame Production

Ausgabedatum: 2009-08-25, Audio CD, CD Baby.Com/Indys

17,75 EUR*
Details Tack-Fu Pres.Production Team

Ausgabedatum: 2004-11-02, Audio CD, CD Baby.Com/Indys

25,92 EUR*
Details Annie (30th Anniversary Production) 2cd

Ausgabedatum: 2008-07-07, Audio CD, Time Life (Lotus Records)

12,94 EUR*
Details Km Production

Ausgabedatum: 2002-12-02, Audio CD, M (DMD Discomania)

12,70 EUR*
Details New Town: Production Music of the 1950s

Ausgabedatum: 2015-01-28, Audio CD, Guild (Klassik Center Kassel)

16,71 EUR*
Details All Star Music Productions

Ausgabedatum: 2014-07-01, Audio CD, Import

12,81 EUR*
Details Mythos Productions 2006

Ausgabedatum: 2006-02-20, Audio CD, Spliff

25,77 EUR*
Details The Deep South/Outer Space Productions of Jack Bla

Ausgabedatum: 2010-04-15, Audio CD, Omni Records (Bear Family Records)

12,24 EUR*
Details Audio Slave

Ausgabedatum: 2015-05-19, Audio CD, Hadra Productions

53,01 EUR*
Details Jimmy Hendrix - Until we meet again [DVD-AUDIO]

Ausgabedatum: 2008-11-19, DVD-Audio, FNM ( Peter West Trading & Music Production)

5,50 EUR*
Details Serve Chilled by Various Artists (Audio CD - 2006) - Box set

Ausgabedatum: 2008-12-06, Audio CD, Peter West Trading & Music Production e.K.

9,02 EUR*
Details Sinhabumi

Ausgabedatum: 2015-01-23, Audio CD, Audio Gate Productions

9,02 EUR*
Details Der blaue Schmid

Ausgabedatum: 2013-08-28, Audio CD, KAP - Kloiber Audio Productions

4,99 EUR*
Details Dambulu Gale

Ausgabedatum: 2011-08-03, Audio CD, Audio Gate Productions

17,43 EUR*
Details Until We Have Faces

Ausgabedatum: 2014-10-19, Audio CD, Duck Dive Productions (House-of-Audio HOFA)